Experimenting with Valchromat

Valchromat is a new material for us and one that we have been experimenting with over the last few months at Joseph John.

Bespoke Valchromat Wardrobes in Worthing

We believe it’s important to stay up to date with current, innovative materials which other designers and makers are working with – this gives us an opportunity to offer our clients a greater selection when designing and creating their bespoke living space.

What is Valchromat?

Valchromat is a wood fibre panel, very similar to MDF but it’s coloured throughout – the fibres are coloured individually, impregnated with organic dyes and chemically bonded together by a special resin. On average Valchromat is 30% stronger – this strength makes it ideal for projects requiring a hard-wearing material such as kitchen doors, cabinets and desktops.

One of our favourite features of Valchromat is the bold range of colours the material comes in – the end result being a vibrant, modern design statement in the home. It can also be used against more conventional décors to add a striking accent in a piece of bespoke furniture.

How we use Valchromat in our projects

We love the combination of Valchromat against ply which we used together in a recent project.

The dark grey Valchromat is complimented by the light, natural finish of the ply – although simple in construction, the finished look of this freestanding wardrobe with recessed handles is so effective.

The boards can be finished like any other woods – with oil, wax or varnish – this process really brings to life the colour and depending on your choice of finish, a matt or gloss look can be created.

Adaptability and Durability

The adaptability of Valchromat allows room for experimentation and enables us to use the material to compliment different style homes and decors.

A bonus of this material is its durability. The composition of Valchromat means the colour won’t chip off if the surface is scratched, a light sand and re-finish and the surface will look as good as before.

It’s great as if this material is something you love but you think may be unsuitable in a family home, it’s quite the opposite! Functionality and style come hand in hand with Valchromat – you are able to create a design statement whilst also reassured your bespoke piece will survive the day to days of family life.

There are also many positive environmental advantages to using this material – Valchromat is created from recycled pine timber and mill waste material as well as waste hardwood. In using these throwaway materials – Valchromat has a lower carbon emission than a standard MDF. The colouring process is also organic and non-toxic – another child-friendly feature.

Valchromat is certainly a bold alternative for those looking to create a bespoke living space with something a little different to the normal. It’s adaptable and experimental qualities have got us excited to work with this material more in future projects at Joseph John.

There’s certainly room to explore and we’re looking forward to pushing our creativity with this material!

Looking to experiment with Valchromat in your home?

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