Questions to consider when starting a kitchen design project

Renovating your kitchen can be a really daunting task. In most homes, the kitchen is one of the most important parts so naturally, it can be hard to know where to start.

Thinking of renovating your kitchen and don’t know where to begin? These are the questions to consider when starting a kitchen design project.


Here, we have compiled a list of questions to consider before you begin, to enable you to feel in control of the project and overcome any mind blocks.

What is your kitchen budget?

The first thing to consider with any design project is budget. Do you have a  figure in mind that you are willing to spend or can spend?

Bespoke kitchens do tend to be higher in price than off the shelf cabinets, however its well worth remembering that in the long run the quality is far superior and you will have far more input in the final design.

Asking about a budget can tend to seem slightly rude but it’s important for both you and your designer to not only be on the same wave length, but to acknowledge if your dream kitchen is realistic to the budget.

It’s best to establish this at the outset to avoid any disappointment and remember, there are always ways to overcome certain obstacles to enable you to still create your fantasy on a more affordable budget.

How much space do you have?

Consider the space you have – what do you want to achieve? Are there any areas of the existing kitchen that really haven’t worked for you or on the other hand, have worked really well and you would like to bring into the new design?

What is the kitchen used for?

Think about your kitchens’ purpose – do you enjoy experimenting with recipes? Is it used as a family space? Do you often host dinner parties and regularly entertain? It’s so important to know what your kitchen is about and how it works for you before designing a new space.

How do you like to prepare?

How much preparation space do feel you need in your kitchen? Do you often feel that you need extra room? to store gadgets? Do you want different spaces for different types of preparation, for example, an area for breakfast preparation?

How do you like to store?

Think about your shopping and storage habits – do you buy in bulk and so need a large freezer or larder? Do you enjoy cooking and so need space for spices and other ingredients? How much space do you need for wine racks and drink storage?

Consider the flow of your kitchen

Think about the flow of your kitchen, especially when you have a full house. Who uses the kitchen the most? Who will be sharing it and how will that work together? Do you have young children in the kitchen and what will cause problems or be helpful to incorporate? How you will move within the space in order to create a seamless flow in the layout is so important.

Consider your kitchen appliances

Are you thinking gas, electric or induction hob? Stand-alone cooker or integrated? Do you need a separate fridge and freezer? Do you need an extra freezer for a busy family? Have you thought about how much oven space you need?  Knowing which appliances you’d like is beneficial but also considering where your appliances will go is a really important step in designing your kitchen, not only from a space perspective but also when thinking about convenience.

Shaker style,  Classically English or Contemporary?

The fun part begins! What style of kitchen are you drawn to? What style would be most fitting in your style of property? Are you considering classical and traditional incorporating shaker or heritage style cabinets? Or are you more drawn to modern and sleek kitchens? Perhaps you want to make a statement with a bold colour?

Kitchen worktops and finishes

Time to consider everything that goes with the cabinets and drawers: handles or knobs; worktop materials; tap finishes and sink types. How will these different options work alongside the style? This is where your Joseph John designer can help you as it really can be overwhelming and often having another ear on hand to discuss this with can help bring everything together.

Do the decisions you’ve made suit you and your needs?

When it comes to design and finishes, there are so many options available that sometimes you can lose sight of who you actually are and what you originally wanted to achieve.

There are lots of wonderful gadgets out there on the market but ultimately if you can’t visualize yourself using a space, don’t get sucked in – lose it and focus on the most important parts to you. The most important part of any design is that it represents you, your home and your family.

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