Fitted wardrobes – why we love them!

A wardrobe is an essential part of any bedroom, however, finding the right one for a specific space is not always easy!

Meeting your storage requirements whilst not overcrowding a room with too much furniture can be hard to manage – searching for the right balance between looking empty and unfinished and busy and crammed.

If you want something that truly fits your needs whilst creating an interior that remains spacious and stylish, choosing to invest in a bespoke fitted wardrobe is the path to take.

One of the biggest benefits of bespoke fitted wardrobes is that they are designed around your unique space.

Irregular shaped rooms, awkward corners or sloped ceilings – all these features can be optimised rather than become an inconvenience. With fitted wardrobes there is no unused space – we can utilise your space to create purposeful, organised storage tailored to each individual.

On the inside, a bespoke fitted wardrobe is surprisingly versatile. A wardrobe is more than just a rail to hang your clothes.

Here are a few of the most common features used by us at Joseph John:

  • A clothing rail is essential to any wardrobe – these can be single hanging if a client needs to store long dresses or coats or double hanging, to create additional storage.
  • Drawers are great for organising jumpers, t-shirts and underwear. They’re also great for smaller items such as make-up and jewellery too – if you can store these items too, it saves space needing a dressing table.
  • Shelving is ideal at the top of fitted wardrobes to maximise storage in the less accessible space – perfect for more occasional items including bags, shoes and suitcases. Shelving can be fixed or adjustable.
  • Every wardrobe needs a mirror somewhere – but these can be worked around you. You may want to make a feature of the mirrors in a panelled door, or have them on the backs of the door to hide them away.
  • There are various types of racks available to store specific items such as bags, ties, scarves or shoes.
  • Integrated lighting enables you to see the interior of the wardrobe and brighten up the living space to create a warm, welcoming environment.

Every bespoke fitted wardrobe made by Joseph John is designed around each client’s specific needs and requirements. Each request for a fitted wardrobe begins with the same initial idea of maximising storage space – yet the end result is totally different, with each element being considered by us and the client to create a long-lasting piece that suits their individual style.

A bespoke fitted wardrobe can easily compliment your existing space and décor. You may want to go for a traditional style with shaker doors or go for a modern finish with contemporary sliding doors – you may want to pick a colour palette that blends in with the current theme or be bold and choose something that makes a statement.

There are many elements to consider – being involved in this process means the design is completely unique to you, that is the beauty of bespoke.

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