Utility and Boot Rooms

Bespoke cabinetry
for functional spaces

At Joseph John, our bespoke boot room and utility cabinetry is designed with both style and function in mind; creating beautiful spaces that meet the practicalities needed. Our bespoke boot room cabinetry is designed around each client’s home, utilising the space with storage for coats, shoes and outdoor wear. Boot room seats are often a feature – with drawers underneath or left open for wellington boots. Hand painted throughout, our cabinetry plays a part in creating a room that enhances the aesthetics of the interiors.

Handmade Boot Room Cabinetry
Bespoke utility room design


Made to measure
utility rooms

Whether it’s a country farmhouse or a house in the city, our utility room cabinetry can be created for any home. We work with the space you have to design a room with organisation – tall cupboards to store ironing boards and brooms, housing for washing machines and tumble driers and drawers for general storage. Every element is carefully considered to create a room that functions as you need it to.

Bespoke Utility & Boot Room Design

Working with a small team of dedicated craftsmen, our passion is to create truly beautiful cabinetry for your home. Traditional in style and designed with longevity in mind – our cabinetry balances the practicalities of modern day life with a timeless aesthetic.

Design board for a bespoke boot room

Bespoke Design Service
Handmade in our Sussex workshop

We offer a personalised design service to bring your vision to fruition. Our designers work closely with our cabinet makers to ensure not only the aesthetics, but also the creation, of your cabinetry are of the highest quality and precision.

Individual Pieces Joseph John

Individual Pieces

Over the years, we have designed and built many individual pieces of beautiful furniture including dressers, breakfast units and freestanding pantries.

We are now building these designs to order, but can also provide customisations to suit individual client’s homes.

Traditional craftsmanship…
Modern technologies

We combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create perfectly finished high-end cabinets and superior quality made to measure furniture. Our small team of experienced craftsmen share an eye for detail and passion to create exceptional architectural features and cabinets for the home, from concept to installation.

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